Home News Yanmar Unveils State-of-the-Art Tractor Production Plant in İzmir

Yanmar Unveils State-of-the-Art Tractor Production Plant in İzmir

Yanmar Turkey Makina A.Ş reached a significant milestone on September 27, 2023, with the inauguration of its cutting-edge Tractor Production Plant, in Izmir’s Torbalı. Initially, the plant will focus on manufacturing YM series tractors and Solis 16-90HP tractors, with plans to introduce Yanmar SA and YT series tractors in future phases.

Mustafa Kemal Erdogan Shoshi, Chairman of the Board of Yanmar Turkey, presided over the event which was attended by many dignitaries including Mr. Zeynel Kılınc, Deputy Chairman of the Investment Office of the Republic of Turkey Presidency, and Mr. Kenichi Kasahara, Consul General of Japan in Istanbul. Over 400 participants, including employees, partners, Yanmar Turkey dealers, and journalists, witnessed the event.

Chairman Mustafa Kemal Erdogan Shoshi articulated Yanmar Turkey’s vision:

As Yanmar Turkey, since our establishment, we have maintained the vision of making Yanmar Turkey a production, engineering, and logistics base from Eastern Europe to Central Asia, including North Africa. We are moving forward by growing and expanding our goals every day.

New production facility of 23,000m2

In unveiling the sprawling 23,000-square-meter production facility which encompasses tractor production and assembly, spare parts storage, and logistics, Shoshi commended the dedication of Yanmar Turkey’s employees, noting the company has grown from humble beginnings to now number more than 200 employees. The facility aims to boost Yanmar Turkey’s tractor production capacity by 3.5 times, positioning Yanmar Turkey as a major force in the agricultural sector, not just in Turkey but also in neighbouring regions.

With a focus on increased exports, substantial job creation, and capturing double-digit market share in Turkey, Shoshi unveiled plans to produce Yanmar YT series tractors equipped with unmanned autonomous driving features and state-of-the-art technology.

Nagamori Masuda, President of YANMAR AGRIBUSINESS CO., LTD., emphasized the rapid growth of Yanmar Turkey’s agriculture business and the vital role their products play in solving customers’ challenges. He stated:

Our customers are faced with various difficulties due to these changes. The products we produce here help solve these problems. Therefore, we see our products not only as machines but also as technologies that improve the work of customers.

About the Factory

LocationIzmir, Turkey
Site Area23,000 m²
Production ItemsYanmar YM series and Solis 16-90HP tractors
Production Capacity8,500 tractors per year
Number of Employees84

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Home News Yanmar Unveils State-of-the-Art Tractor Production Plant in İzmir
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