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YANMAR and Williams Jet Tenders Collaborate for a Sustainable Future

YANMAR Marine International’s (YMI) line-up of HVO approved engines are selected throughout the marine industry worldwide as a leading, trusted and efficient propulsion solution for a variety of applications. Through YANMAR’s commitment to sustainability, these collaborations ensure that YMI’s partners also benefit from and enhance their eco credentials by reducing their impact on the environment.

Williams Tenders, the world’s foremost jet tender specialist, has successfully approved HVO100 fuel for use on all YANMAR 4JH engine-powered tenders, including the DieselJet 415, 445, and 505, as well as SOLAS 505, allowing customers to reduce their carbon footprint without compromising on performance.

The strategic move by Williams Jet Tenders ensures that all new product developments and testing powered by YANMAR multi-fuel ICE engines will utilize HVO100.

YMI Director of Sales and Marketing, Floris Lettinga commented; “YANMAR Marine International is proud to partner with Williams Tenders, a collaboration perfectly aligned with YANMAR’S commitment to sustainability.

By integrating YANMAR’S HVO approved engines across the Williams Tenders’ range of boats and vehicles, we are not just propelling innovation; we are supporting our customers in propelling a sustainable journey towards a cleaner future. Together, we help our customers navigate the steps towards optimising cutting-edge technology with environmental consciousness.”

The environmental sustainability benefits of used cooking oil (UCO) HVO fuels endorsed by YANMAR and Williams Jet Tenders include reduced greenhouse gas emissions, utilizing a renewable energy source from waste cooking oil, and reducing dependency on fossil fuels. Additionally, the use of UCO HVO fuels promotes better disposal of waste cooking oils, supporting overall efforts for a sustainable environment.

Williams’ commitment to sustainable solutions will see them conducting further tests to extend the range of products approved for use with HVO in the future.

Sarah Moore, Sustainability Specialist at Williams Jet Tenders, commented; “We are committed to finding innovative sustainable solutions that reduce the direct emissions impact from our factory and our vehicles. By using UCO HVO, a renewable fuel made from waste cooking oil, we will accelerate our efforts to decarbonize and improve air quality. As we carry out exploratory testing on our products, it will allow us to confirm HVO use in more of our tenders, enabling us to achieve a greater reduction in our carbon footprint as more Williams Jet Tender engines are approved for use.”

YANMAR Marine International is proud to be a key partner in advancing sustainable marine solutions and looks forward to further collaborations with industry leaders dedicated to a cleaner, greener future.


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Home About YANMAR MARINE INTERNATIONAL News YANMAR and Williams Jet Tenders Collaborate for a Sustainable Future
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