The YD42 Multi-Function Color Display is a smart, multi-purpose instrument featuring a compact full color display, modern glass styling, with the ability to read and display YANMAR engine alarm and diagnostic troubleshooting codes.  View engine speed, engine load, oil pressure, coolant temperature, wind, speed, depth, AIS data and more at a glance.

YD42 main features:

  • Compact, optically bonded 4.1-inch color display
  • Modern, low-profile glass helm design
  • Ultra-wide 170-degree viewing angle
  • Offers 8 onboard languages
  • Gateway functionality to allow engine data to be displayed on NMEA 2000 devices
  • Display engine speed, oil pressure, coolant temperature, engine hours, engine load, and all YANMAR engine alarm and diagnostic troubleshooting codes
  • Intuitive operation with waterproof silicon keys
  • Single display for showing data of dual engine installations
  • Easy installation with front-mount option

More Information

Modern appearance: Designed for use in all weather conditions, the water resistant YD42’s LCD panel is optically bonded to its protective glass covering. This eliminates the possibility of condensation or fogging within the display. Transflective LCD technology makes use of reflected sunlight to brighten rather than obscure the displayed image, delivering superior daytime visibility and lower power consumption compared to traditional backlit displays.

Easy installation & compatibility:  The YD42 is simple to install with an easy front-mount option, requiring no access to the back of the console or panel. It is easy to configure data screens suited to your liking, making your most important data immediately accessible. The YD42 is also compatible with a wide range of instruments, sensors, and other NMEA 2000® data sources, where engine data can easily be transmitted to external multi-functional displays.

The YD42 was primarily designed as an alternative for the traditional B25 or C35 gauge panels for JH and 4LV common rail series with mechanical shift/throttle system.  But the YD42 is also compatible with 6LY and 8LV common rail series with an electric shift/throttle system.

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