Reliable YANMAR Engines are ‘Finest’ Choice for Hawaii Sportfishing Fleet

Since the installation of twin YANMAR diesel engines through distributor Boatswain’s Locker, Finest Kind Charters’ three fishing boats have logged a huge combined total of 130,000 engine hours, proving the YANMAR partnership to be the lasting solution for dependable power all year round, saving on fuel and peace of mind for the business and its customers.

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Company Profile

Finest Kind Sportfishing Charters is the only Owner Operated, and 3rd generation, company in Maui, with Captain David Hudson at the helm since 1973. Capt. Dave has over 40 years of experience, operating out of Lahaina Harbor. Finest Kind Sportfishing consistently holds the catch records for Maui County.

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Perfect Partnership

With a passion for fishing at the heart of its business, Finest Kind Sportfishing Charters in Maui, Hawaii, is committed to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and quality in all aspects of its operation, from an extensive local knowledge of the best fishing locations to the upkeep of its fleet and equipment. Captain Dave Hudson has been at the helm since 1973, passing on the benefit of decades of experience and record catch achievements to satisfied customers enjoying charter trips out of Lahaina Harbour.

Seven days a week, year-round operation, and multiple charters a day mean that Finest Kind must minimize the risk of equipment breakdown on their vessels and prevent enforced downtime which may cause loss of business and disappointed customers. To keep the fleet at the ready at all times, it is critical that the three fishing vessels, Exact, Finest Kind and Reel Hooker, are powered by dependable and efficient engines that can be trusted to perform at the highest level and last over the years.

More than 30 years ago, Finest Kind, looking for the right engine partner to keep its fleet on the water and answer all its repower needs, turned to Boatswain’s Locker, a California business supplying marine equipment to an Authorized YANMAR Dealer Network in the Southwest US, Hawaii, and parts of Mexico. Costa Mesa-based Boatswain’s Locker was established in 1939 and bought by the current CEO Dan Gribble in 1986 to oversee its continued growth as one of the leading marine engine and engine accessories distributors in the western US and the region’s exclusive servicing distributor for YANMAR marine diesel engines.

Today, Captain Dave’s commitment to YANMAR engines and service continues to strengthen, as his sportfishing business thrives with the combined support of his local authorized YANMAR dealer and distributor.

Powering the Fleet

Finest Kind’s fleet is meticulously maintained and crewed to ensure every trip and private charter is a success, whether the quest is for Mahi-mahi, Marlin, Ono, Ahi, or perhaps to see the majestic humpback whales in their Pacific habitat. Some customers even choose to hire the Finest Kind boats as a memorable way to say farewell to a loved one, so it is essential that everything runs smoothly.

Captain Dave selected reliable twin YANMAR diesel engines to power each vessel with the expectation that the hours would quickly pile up, due to Hawaii’s year-round good weather and demand from tourists. Running the boats every day is vital to maximize the business potential and customer numbers, with Finest Kind switching the crews to keep the trips operating seamlessly.

F/V Finest Kind, a 37’ Merritt build in 1964 and described as ‘the perfect fishing boat’, has been restored and repowered with twin YANMAR 6LY2 350 hp marine diesel engines for a 24 knot cruising speed. Fast, clean and comfortable, tournament-equipped Bertram 31 Sport Fisherman F/V Exact is equipped with twin YANMAR 4LH 230 hp diesel engines. Finally, F/V Reel Hooker, a tournament-equipped 35 foot Bertram with live bait wells, has twin YANMAR 6LY2 370 hp diesels installed for a fast, comfortable ride.

“I have had many brands of diesel engines in my fleet throughout the early years. YANMAR is by far the best engine for fuel savings and durability out there.”

– Captain David Hudson, Finest Kind Sportfishing

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YANMAR Reliability

As the inventor of the modern diesel engine, YANMAR has a long history of pioneering, award-winning engineering achievements and industry-leading innovations. YANMAR Marine International’s premium and durable engines incorporate the latest cutting-edge technology, ensuring they are built to last for decades and thousands of hours, and earning the trust of professionals and recreational boat owners across the world.

Lance Henrichsen, Sales Director, Boatswain’s Locker, said: “YANMAR engines are purpose built and engineered specifically for marine applications, which means the parts and configuration of the engine work as designed in the boat, rather than being adapted for marine use. This is one of the many features and benefits of a YANMAR marine engine. In my experience, YANMAR engines rarely wear out due to hours.”

YANMAR marine engines are renowned for their long life, reliability and durability, but in applications in which they are treated to regular maintenance to combat saltwater corrosion, plus consistent use, their longevity can be particularly outstanding, as is proving the case at Finest Kind. The combination of the business’s daily operation and its commitment to stringent maintenance has been rewarded with an exceptional number of hours of trouble-free engine use.

At the last count in the summer of 2020, Finest Kind had over 40,000 hours on its YANMAR 6LY engines. Exact had over 50,000 hours on its 4LH engines which were running well ahead of a 2020 rebuild carried out at the same time as some additional vessel work ‘in preparation for the next 50,000 hours’. Meanwhile, Reel Hooker also had over 40,000 hours on its 6LY engines – for a combined total of 130,000 hours!

Finest Choice

Along with the obvious benefits of long-lasting, reliable engines to power the fleet, Finest Kind can rely on the support of his local YANMAR dealer. Through the years, Captain Dave has been able to rest assured that he can get any part, whenever required, due to the commitment of the YANMAR network. And, with the increasing fuel efficiency benefits the YANMAR engines provide, Dave was able to pay for his engines in fuel savings in just two years.

All three engine models have proved so profitable and robust for the Finest Kind boats, that some competitors on the island have taken note and switched to YANMAR.

“I have had many brands of diesel engines in my fleet throughout the early years including Cat, Cummins and Detroit. YANMAR is by far the best engine for fuel savings and durability out there,” said Dave.

“Regular maintenance is one key item for Finest Kind,” added Lance, “plus the fact that the engines are under high stress and run every day which is actually healthy for a diesel engine. Captain Dave loves his YANMARs and continues to use them every day.

“One of the advantages of having your vessel repowered by your local dealer is that it allows you to build a strong relationship with your dealer from the beginning. Our Authorized Dealers continue to support their local areas and repower countless vessels, both leisure and commercial.

“It is proved by our other commercial customers as well, that following the maintenance schedule and being proactive on replacing maintenance items on time, allows the engine to remain running as designed. Customers often approach us with stories of their YANMAR engines ‘still going’. It makes us proud to be part of the YANMAR family.”

Finest Kind
Finest Kind

“Customers often approach us with stories of their YANMAR engines ‘still going’. It makes us proud to be part of the YANMAR family.”

– Lance Henrichsen, Sales Director, Boatswain’s Locker

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New Generation 6LY-CR

Evolving from the 6LY2 models still operating for Finest Kind, the fourth generation 6LY-CR engine is the latest electronic version now available to boat owners as part of YANMAR’s extensive range of trusted common rail marine diesel engines. The current portfolio encompasses an industry-leading output range from 40 mhp to 640 mhp, offering more boat owners the efficiency and performance advantages associated with the most recent electronically-managed CR fuel-injection technology. With minimal fuel consumption and exceptionally low noise, vibration and emission levels, the YANMAR range suits a wide variety of vessels from sailboats, superyacht tenders and motorboats to fast sports craft and ski boats and includes the new 6LF and 6LT series, plus the 4LV, 8LV and JH series.

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