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Yanmar returns to international workboat show exhibiting comprehensive commercial engine portfolio and new 6gy series

International Workboat Show, November 29 to December 1, Booth: 2511

YANMAR is set to make a significant return at the International Workboat Show by merging the presence of two of its marine divisions, YANMAR Marine International (YMI) and YANMAR America at the Show.

This collaboration will showcase YANMAR’s extensive engine portfolio, highlighting the broad spectrum of engines for diverse applications across the commercial sector; from workboats, rescue and safety boats, fishing and passenger vessels to salvage/towing, government service vessels, port authority boats and large offshore vessels.

The YANMAR marine divisions will display a selection of its light-duty, high-speed and larger engines, offering versatility, low emissions, output range and quality.  At this year’s Workboat Show, the collaboration will spotlight the YMI range as the most extensive EPA-certified engine lineup, supported by the largest marine service network in the industry.

6LY Series

Built on over 30 years of history, the 4th generation 6LY-CR is a smooth and robust 6 cylinder in-line engine, producing impressively clean and powerful performance. Proven for cruising applications and ideal for installation in new craft with limited engine-room space, the 6LY series has been built with all the best attributes of its predecessors, combined with the latest technical innovations to improve fuel economy and significantly reduce noise and emissions.

8LV Series

Showcasing YANMAR’s high-end performance engines, the 8LV series is ideal for high-speed rescue and safety boats; with a compact design and outstanding power-to-weight ratio.  The 8LV combines astonishing speed and acceleration with low noise levels and fuel economy. Amongst the best of engines in this sector boasting a maximum engine speed of 3,800 rpm, the 8LV series also provides exceptional performance at low speeds, idling at 550 rpm.

YANMAR America’s marine division will showcase its large-scale marine engines, which are used as power and energy sources for large tankers, tugs and other ships, achieving high levels of power, fuel economy and higher-dimensional durability required for the harsh inland and open ocean waters. 

6AY Series and Gear

The 6AY engine series are renowned for their high output and high torque, long life and high reliability, easy maintenance, low fuel consumption and life cycle value. Its stable performance, even under high loads, ensures a reliable and consistent power source for a wide range of maritime needs. This engine series offers both mechanical and electronic fuel systems to meet the needs of our customers. The accompanying YXH-240 marine gear will also be on display.

New 6GY Series

Alongside this, YANMAR America will also be exhibiting the new 6GY series suited for a broad range of applications. This state-of-the art long stroke engine achieves up to 803hp (599kW) and now boasts a reduction in black smoke levels by up to 80%. 

The environmentally friendly unit is clean with low emissions. Low noise levels are achieved through the optimization of the multi-stage fuel injection pattern. This precise fuel injection control of this common rail system helps to achieve top fuel efficiency in this engine’s class. In particular, there is improved fuel efficiency in the practical load range (load factor of 50% or more) delivering high torque you can actually feel, even at low RPM. The 6GY was designed with serviceability in mind, with removeable side panels offering quick and easy access for routine maintenance and repairs.

President of YANMAR Marine International Americas, Kevin Carlin, said: “We’re delighted to be at the Workboat Show with our combined offering, demonstrating our versatility to bring clean, powerful and reliable engines to a range of commercial applications.”

Visit YANMAR at the International Workboat Show from November 29 to December 1, Booth 2511




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