YANMAR Marine International has announced that Dutch diesel engine specialist Abma’s Jachtwerf is its first dealer to be named an official YANMAR Flagship Store.

YMI’s strategic model store in the Netherlands is a new, modern 6609 sqm facility, specifically designed to effectively showcase the full extent of the YANMAR marine brand and provide a high-quality experience for visitors and customers.

Ideally located within one of the country’s main sailing hubs in Friesland, Abma’s facility is outside the Sneek city center, besides the main waterway and close to YANMAR Europe in Almere. It was selected for development into the world’s first YMI dealer Flagship Store to increase awareness of the YANMAR brand in the region and provide a leading example of store branding design.

Abma’s Jachtwerf, which specialises in diesel technology, as well as the installation and maintenance of a range of onboard systems, was founded in the early 1960s by the Abma family. It has been a YANMAR dealer for more than 50 years and is YMI’s largest dealer in the Netherlands. The move to improved premises in the new central location resulted in a significant increase in sales of YANMAR engines and parts.  

The Director of Abma’s Jachtwerf, Lars Walta, who co-owns the company with his father Ron Walta, said: “We are very proud to become the first YMI Flagship store and to strengthen our long relationship with YANMAR. Starting with PMX and YS series, we have witnessed the evolution of YANMAR engines up to today’s common-rail diesel technology. YANMAR is part of our DNA.

“At our new location, we can provide our customers and partners a full-service package. The store looks beautiful and customers are delighted when they enter and see what we present regarding YANMAR engines, parts, know-how and overall experience. We have increased our stock in parts and engines massively to meet the demand. Our hope is that other dealers can see the possibilities and follow our example to provide a positive development for the YANMAR brand.

“Our customers tell us that they select YANMAR engines because of the high quality, reliability and good aftersales. We would like to keep on growing together with YANMAR and explore the road to a sustainable future. I believe new technologies and products will follow-up quickly and we have to keep investing in training, knowledge and people to stay at the top in marine engines – because that is where YANMAR belongs.”

The Abma’s store was designed in cooperation with YANMAR’s Design Strategy Office and includes an eye-catching facade, showroom with parts collection and engine showcase, meeting room, reception area with counter, engine parts display board and customer meeting space and a 345 sqm workshop. There is also a harbor with 35 berths, two boat lifts of 20t and 40t, and 60 parking spaces.

Floris Lettinga, Sales and Marketing Director, YMI, said: “We are delighted with the development of the Abma’s Jachtwerf YANMAR Flagship Store – an impressive facility that will serve as a role model for other locations in Europe. This store was not just about showing YANMAR’s presence in this specific business area, it also provides a sense of identity for the brand, strengthening YANMAR’s brand in the surrounding market.

“The high level of cooperation shown by Abma was particularly important. They were an ideal candidate for investment due to their prime location among many other marine businesses and because a large proportion of the YANMAR Group’s products are handled there. It was clear the store, including its exterior appearance, could be developed into a strategic model store for YANMAR. We are confident customers and visitors will enjoy a premium experience at Abma’s, a facility where they can relax and discuss the YANMAR products with experts.”

Backed by years of diesel innovation and the delivery of application-driven solutions for the recreational marine sector, YANMAR’s engines are firmly established as the global standard in sailboat and small craft propulsion.

About YANMAR Marine International

A leading supplier of innovative engines and technology-driven marine propulsion systems, YANMAR Marine International (YMI) supplies the world’s cleanest, most efficient, reliable and durable diesel engines for the recreational sector – both sailboats and powerboats – and light duty commercial applications. Its trusted range of common rail marine diesel engines encompass an output range from 40 mhp to 640 mhp, the most comprehensive offering available from any marine engine manufacturer. Committed to the development of advanced technology for the best and most sustainable solutions to meet the evolving needs of boat owners and OEMs, YMI’s mission is to enhance the entire boating experience for all its customers. YMI continues to grow its network of service centers worldwide and build on its enviable reputation as a complete systems provider and marine industry ambassador with new partnerships, co-operations and investment.

Based in the Netherlands, YMI is incorporated within YANMAR’s global operations, spanning seven business domains on land and at sea. With its beginnings in Osaka, Japan in 1912, YANMAR went on to become the first company to succeed in making a compact diesel engine of practical size in 1933. With industrial diesel engines as the cornerstone of the business, YANMAR has continued to expand its range of products, services and expertise to deliver total solutions as a diesel engine and equipment manufacturer, providing small and large engines, agricultural machinery and facilities, construction equipment, energy systems, marine engines, machine tools, and components.


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