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Engine Power
22 HP
Transmission type
3Point lift capacity
500 / 520 kg

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Small but perfectly formed is a term that might have been designed to describe the Yanmar SA221. The sub compact tractor might be small but it crams in features, benefits and innovations at every turn.

Even though it is designed to tackle the duties normally charged to larger tractors, the Yanmar SA221 features a compact body that would not look out of place on a regular garden tractor. In addition to adding to the smooth lines of the machine, this compact body lends the tractor a work-anywhere capability that allows it to work in areas where space is limited.

Moreover, in keeping with all Yanmar tractors, the new SA221 is designed to withstand the rigours of extreme tractor applications. Components are selected as much for durability as for aesthetic appeal to create a sub-compact tractor that is as tough as it is beautiful to look at.

Product Specifications

Engine Power (UNECE Regulation No 120):
16.1 kW
Engine power
22 HP
Number of cilinders
Size of engine
904 cc
55.7 NM
Engine speed
3000 rev/min
Transmission type
Selectable 4WD
Number of ranges
Brake system
Multiple wet brake disks
Max. Speed
12 km/h
PTO Power rear
11 kW
Rear, speed
540 rev/min
Mid. speed
2000 rev/min
Fuel tank capacity
Steering system
Hydraulic Powered
Steering pump
13.2 L/min
Pump for hydraulics
15.1 L/min
3Point lift capacity
500 / 520 kg
3Point lift capacity 61cm behind lift point
390 / 430 kg
Hydraulic connections
2 sets (mid) by Loader joystick, Optional 2 sets rear.
Operating system 3P hitch
Normal valve control
Total length
2691 / 2946 mm
Total width
1198 mm
Ground clearance
162 mm
Wheel base
1470 mm
2306 mm
Turning radius
2.4 m
Unladen weight min / max
768 kg
Unbraked trailer capacity
700 kg
Inertia-braked trailer capacity
1600 kg


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