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The Side Mount Mechanical Control Head allows for you to have a fully branded control system package by using the YANMAR side mount mechanical control head for use in combination with all YANMAR mechanically controlled engines. It is ideal for monohull sailing boats but can also be used in any application whose helm would benefit from a side mount control throttle configuration.

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The mechanical part of the lever is made out of painted zinc, finished with a YANMAR branded housing and an ergonomically shaped rubber grip. The mechanical side mount control head works with push/pull cables and features an integrated safety mechanism to protect the transmission. This ensures the gearbox can only be shifted at idling speed.

The side mount control head is ideal for monohull sailing boats using YANMAR mechanically controlled engines. It should be mounted in reach of the vessel’s helm on either port or starboard side and can be mounted either horizontally or vertically. The side mount control head is perfectly suitable to replace existing levers. In replacement cases, we recommend to also replace the push and pull cables.

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