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The VC20 is YANMAR’s 2nd generation vessel control system that controls all YANMAR electronically managed engines. Featuring simplified electrical management, a high-quality appearance, and significant functional improvements, the next generation YANMAR VC20 Vessel Control System integrates with YANMAR’s complete line up of common rail engine series, transmissions, controls, and displays.

The VC20 is a J1939 based CAN bus system that has a dedicated network to each engine and comes standard with an emergency back-up panel, ensuring the highest reliability. With NMEA connections built in, the VC20 can connect easily to multiple other vessel accessories or systems.

The system was completely developed by YANMAR to meet the company’s high standards of quality and dependability. The VC20 controls all YANMAR engine and transmission function and shows engine alarms and diagnostic codes in the display.

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VC20 has a new and simplified electrical architecture. The system is easy to install and comes inclusive of controls, full-color digital display/s, with NMEA2000 or J1939 gauge output, and all cabling and wiring. This result is using fewer components and harnesses, making it easier and faster to install for boatbuilders and dealers.

In addition to functional improvements over the existing VC10 Vessel Control System, the new VC20 Vessel Control System will also introduce newly designed control heads and switch panels. YANMAR in-house designer, Ken Okuyama, has upgraded the design of the YANMAR Vessel Control equipment significantly, giving a higher quality appearance and feel.

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